Making my own soothing skin salve/balm

Skin Salve img

So yesterday I made my own soothing skin salve for the first time! Pretty damn excited to share this with you! I am stoked with the results, both how it turned out and how it is working for us!

You’ll find the original doTERRA recipe here! I have also added the original recipe to my site (for future reference or incase doTERRA’s link doesn’t work!)

Firstly I halved my ingredients! This gave me approx 150ml of salve/balm (enough to fill 1x 120ml jar and a bit in a second jar).

I altered this recipe slightly by not adding the grape seed oil. I simply replaced the grape seed oil quantity with almond oil. I changed the oils used in the original recipe by adding lavender, peppermint and frankincense and I used more drops! It turned out lovely! I recommend halving your amount when making unless you are going to be using this LOTS and LOTS! Which I probably will but prefer to make fresh more often as it only took 15 minutes to make!

This salve will be perfect for rashes, itchy spots, all over itch relief, dry skin and more! So far I have used this on my son’s rash/eczema, my hands after cleaning dishes to restore moisture, my feet to help support the ridiculous dryness and peeling but also to assist with better sleep!

You can find my version of the recipe here

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