Soothing my burns


Accidents in the kitchen! We all have them! What you see here is a minor burn on my face inflicted 5 nights ago when I was deep frying chicken – Trying to make home made KFC because the takeaway version is nowhere near as good as homemade! A slip up sent enormous drops of oil flying into the air landing on my face, neck and clothes. I was super lucky that it missed my eyes and that it only resulted in a burn to the face and one to the neck! Even so, the one I copped to the side of my face hurt like mad! It was roughly the size of a 5 cent coin and within minutes it blistered and burst

Cold compress was the first point of treatment! For over an hour, the cold seemed to numb the persistent pain and stinging! As it began to settle I thought about what to apply? Oils! My essential oils because there is an oil for EVERYTHING! My go to was lavender and frank diluted in a roller bottle! This roller bottle soothes just about everything skin related. Applying 3 times a day, it has sealed and formed a protective scab very quickly. The pic above is a timeline of my face burn and in just a matter of 5 days it has shrunk in size! We see the support of essential oils right here!

Now the pics are not great as they don’t show the true size and damage but we all know that burns are nasty, taking layers of skin and can result in infection. As this was minor, I did not seek medical help BUT please always seek medical advice for burns if they do not begin to heal or are of a serious nature!

While these oils can be used neat (undiluted) I prefer to dilute in a roller bottle to reduce sensitivity especially with broken skin. You can adjust accordingly but it is always best to trial and test when first using oils

Why these 2 oils together make a great soothing team and why I used them on this occassion!

Lavender & Frankincense

** UPDATE **

This image is taken at exactly 1 week and there is no scab! I have had burns take much longer to heal in the past


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